Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can’t create Set-up sheet of my RC model

    - Your RC model must be added to the list of all your RC models in section “My Profile”.
    - You will find out which RC models are not supported currently after saving your RC model to the list in your profile.

  • What can I do to make my model’s Set-up sheet supported faster?

    Please send an example of set-up sheet in PDF format to
    We will make set-up sheet for your RC model in two weeks.

  • How to fill in a new set up sheet?

    1. Add model you want to fill in setup sheet for into your Profile (if you have not done it yet).
    2. Go to module "Set-up Sheets".
    3. Press "New" and select model that you want to create set-up for.

  • Managing your set-up sheets

    - Choose the Set-up sheet you would like to edit in section “Set-up sheets” and press “Open”.
    - Don’t forget to press “Save” after making changes to set-up sheet.
    - Select set-up sheet and press “Delete” to erase set-up sheet.

  • I have a question/suggestion about RC-Setups site

    Got questions or suggestions about RC-Setups site? Just drop us an email to and we'll get back to you.

  • How can I print a set-up sheet?

    - Choose Set-up sheet you would like to print and press “Print” button.
    - You can print only saved Set-up sheets.
    - You must have Adobe Reader installed in order to print Set-up sheets. You can download the newest version from Adobe web site:

  • What are benefits of registered user?

    - You can create new or edit your existing setup-sheet of your RC model only if you are registered user.